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Tourist objects from the Republic of Kazakhstan included in the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions

At the Cities Mayors Forum of the Silk Road Countries (Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan) on July 2-3, 2018 were announced new names of tourist objects from the Republic of Kazakhstan included in the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions.

More than 2 thousand participants from more than 60 countries, including 70 mayors from the countries of the Silk Road, 30 political leaders, 200 large chambers of commerce and industry and transnational companies of the world, more than 150 foreign speakers and moderators took part in the forum.

The World List of Particular Tourist Attractions has been enlarged with national tourist sites: the Astana-Baiterek Tower, the high-mountain skating rink Medeu, the central mosque Nur Astana.

Within the framework of the forum's ceremonies, Secretary General of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization - Vladimir Piskurev, on behalf of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism Development, presented to Astana Mayor (Akim) - Aset Isekeshev, the international certificate confirming the inclusion of the most important and recognizable landmark of the city of Astana-Baiterek Tower To the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions.

Сertificates confirming the inclusion of a particular tourist attraction in the World List of Sites were presented to Neybu Imam of the Central Mosque of Astana "Nur Astana" Serikbay Adilkhan Imanalievich and the leadership of the high-altitude complex for winter sports "Medeu" (Almaty).

With its architectural style, the Central Mosque "Nur Astana" seems to be designed to represent the inviolability of the foundations of Islam. A stern and conservative silhouette is the first thing that catches your eye. The soft, pleasant blue color of the inner edging of the portal and the noble marble perfectly complement each other, say experts of the International Council on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism.

The "Astana-Baiterek" Tower is one of the most popular tourist sites in the capital of Kazakhstan - unique in design, a majestic monument, considered as architectural landmark of the modern capital of Kazakhstan. For the Kazakhs, the Tower became a symbol of the onset of a new stage in the history of the country, and the world community perceives Baiterek as the embodiment of an independent state of Kazakhstan. Every day many tourists come to the huge monument, wishing to visit inside the Tower "Astana-Baiterek". These are residents of Kazakhstan and foreign travelers, children and students. Employees of the Tower are dressed in a special uniform, which is decorated with elements of national ornaments. They conduct sightseeing tours in Russian, Kazakh, English and other languages ​​for guests.

The Astana-Baiterek monument is a unique architectural structure made of metal, glass and concrete, the scale of which is surprising and admirable: a metal structure 105 meters high weight more than 1000 tons and leans on 500 piles. For the first time in the world, a ball with a diameter of 22 meters and weighing 300 tons of glass "chameleon", changing color depending on the sunlight, was raised to a height of 97 meters. The main idea that the Astana-Baiterek Monument reflects is the Tree of Peace.

International experts particularly noted - the Medeu ice rink, located at an altitude of 1691.2 meters above sea level. The ice rink was raised in 1972. The ice surface occupies 10.5 thousand square meters, which allows to hold competitions in speed skating, hockey and figure skating.

The mild climate in the gorge, the optimal level of solar radiation, low atmospheric pressure, weak wind and pure glacial water - all this provided the high-mountain skating rink a wide popularity as world tourist attraction. Very often the ice rink turned into a huge concert venue, where popular international music festivals are held.

At the Cities Mayors Forum of the Silk Road countries, the International Initiative of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO) was launched to integrate the project in the tourism field "Tourist belt of the Silk Road".

In the speech of EECO Secretary General - Vladimir Piskurev, noted that the project as the "Tourist belt of the Silk Road" is not the conquest of the territories, but the building of bridges of friendship.

The "Tourist belt of the Silk Road" will become an effective component of the project "One belt, one way", it is very symbolic that the initiative of the EECO to launch the International Integration Project in the tourism sphere "Tourist belt of the Silk Road", we announce in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. In September of this year, the initiative of President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China "One Belt, One Way", first announced during his lecture in this beautiful city in Nazarbayev University, marks the 5-year anniversary, - noted Vladimir Piskurev the Secretary General of the EECO.

Particularly attractive is part of the Great Silk Road in Kazakhstan for foreign tourists: a tourist can immerse himself in the atmosphere of wars of antiquity, traverse the paths of medieval batyrs, see the ruins of ancient cities, mausoleums, the famous baths of the Otrar mound, the great variety of Stone Age monuments, petroglyphs, participate in excavations.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has a huge tourist potential, every year the number of tourist travel to the regions of the country independently. The leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan pays much attention to the creation of the most favorable conditions for them. A lot of work is being done to develop the transport system, to create a comfortable urban environment, to increase the availability of tourist display facilities and the quality of services in the hospitality sector.

“Today, more and more foreign tourists are striving to better understand Kazakhstan in all its diversity, to see with their own eyes countless cultural and natural attractions, to get acquainted with the ethnic characteristics of the peoples inhabiting the Republic, taste the regional cuisine, experience the wide opportunities that the Republic of Kazakhstan opens for recreation, cultural and intellectual development, spiritual enrichment” - noted in his speech the Secretary General of the EECO Vladimir Piskurev.