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Appeal from cultural and arts workers to support
the «World Folk Vision / Global Cultural Initiative / Stop Covid-19»

Dear partners and friends!

In order to take coordinated actions to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, cultural and art workers, business circles, civil society institutions from around the world are starting an international global company to attract the international community, citizens around the world to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and clarification of requirements (recommendations) of the World Health Organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global emergency for society as a whole that requires immediate, effective action by governments, individuals, the business and the cultural communities.

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is a compelling reminder of our interconnectedness and vulnerability. This virus does not recognize borders. The fight against this pandemic requires the adoption of transparent, decisive, coordinated, ambitious and scientifically sound global measures in a spirit of solidarity. We are determined to come forward with a united front against this common threat. We urge you to join the united front of the struggle.

We are shocked by the tragic death and suffering of people all over the world. The fight against the pandemic and the related medical, social and economic consequences is our absolute priority.

We continue to confront the pandemic and express gratitude and support to all business circles, the business community, cultural and art figures, civil society institutions, citizens of various countries and continents, and especially health workers who are at the forefront of this struggle.

We believe that reducing the scale of the further spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection and its negative consequences should be a top priority not only for heads of state and government, business but also for all civil society institutions and ordinary citizens.

We also welcome the steps taken by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank Group, and the G20 to support countries in need.

Aware of all responsibility to society, future generations, we regret, but support the closure of all cultural and spectacular events in the world. We consider it a difficult but important and effective step - the temporary closure of theaters, concert halls, cinemas, the transfer (cancellation) of sporting events, cultural festivals.

We highly appreciate the efforts to ensure the protection of the health of our people through the postponement of major public events, in particular, the decision of the International Olympic Committee to change the dates of the Olympic Games to dates no later than the summer of 2021. We support the firm intention of Japan to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, in their entirety, as the personification of the ability of mankind to overcome trials.

Acting within the framework of our authority and competencies, we are determined to do everything possible to overcome the pandemic. We are determined to make every effort both individually and collectively.

In order to create an effective alternative, recognizing all responsibility, joining forces in the fight against COVID-19 coronavirus, as part of the Global Cultural Initiative, cultural and art figures with the support of the business community from around the world launched an unprecedented, new information campaign on the appeal of cultural figures and art, business leaders to a global audience, to their fans, admirers with an appeal to follow the five basic steps of the World Health Organization that help  to stop the spread of the disease.

In 2020, the International Organizing Committee, consisting of representatives of 100 countries of the world, planned to hold the next global cultural project of the World Folk Vision, a Festival-Contest of National cultures and arts, in the State of Qatar. According to the organizers' plans, over 16,000 participants and guests from more than 100 countries of the world planned to take part in the World Festival.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic did not allow the World Festival-Contest of National Cultures to be held, with the participation of different peoples from all over the world.

Aware of its civic responsibility, as the personification of the ability of mankind to overcome trials, on the initiative of cultural and art workers, business circles, civil society institutions from around the world, for the first time in history the organizing committee of the World Festival proposed to host the first Virtual World Festival-Contest of National Cultures and Arts “World Folk Vision” in the Global Virtual Space of the World Wide Web “Internet”. (Previously contests were held during the last four years in thirty countries of the world).

The largest international news agencies, five thousand mass media from 193 countries of the world, have already supported the international initiative “World Folk Vision / Global Cultural Initiative / Stop COVID-19” and will cover all stages of its preparation and implementation in international, national, local mass media information.

The global cultural initiative will be implemented for the first time in a global virtual space, the method of organization and holding, which has no analogues in the world, unprecedented in its scale and audience. A unique cultural event of a global scale, will attract the attention of the world community to the need to unite the efforts of all citizens on earth to fight with the COVID-19 pandemic, through elements of cultural cooperation and ownership, using the opportunities of the World Festival-Contest of National Cultures and Arts.

As part of the international voting procedure, all voting participants from around the world will be able to receive special recommendations and explanations on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic developed by the World Health Organization on a single portal of the festival.

The international humanitarian initiative “World Folk Vision / Global Cultural Initiative / Stop COVID-19”, in addition to the cultural component, will be aimed at disseminating information on the steps recommended by the World Health Organization to protect public health such as: washing hands, observing respiratory etiquette, do not touch the face, stay away from other people and stay at home if you feel unwell.

The initiative is aimed at promoting the creation of favorable conditions related to limiting the circulation of the virus, interrupting the spread of the virus, limiting cultural and sporting events, limiting business trips and personal meetings, creating conditions for working, relaxing and communicating remotely in the Global Virtual Space.

At the first (qualifying) stage, in more than 100 countries of the world, national selections of the best cultural creative groups and performers will be held.
The winners of the national qualifying stages get the right to put their creative (cultural) projects in the form of recorded videos on a single virtual concert venue in the global Internet.

On a single, global, virtual venue, an international voting procedure will be organized under the supervision of an international professional jury from around the world.

The stages of voting and competitive selection are provided. At each stage (quarter final, semi-final, grand final), the winner in his nomination will be determined. The winner of each stage will be determined by open popular voting. All residents of the planet Earth are allowed to vote, who have committed themselves to help stop the spread of the disease and thereby have contributed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To cope with this pandemic, we need more than ever joint global action, solidarity and international cooperation.

We invite the business community to join the initiative.

We urge all international organizations, business circles, charitable organizations and individuals to contribute and join the international initiative - “World Folk Vision / Global Cultural Initiative / Stop COVID-19”.

We are convinced that by working together we will overcome it.

We will protect the lives of people, restore the stability of the global economy and lay a solid foundation for strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 is our shared responsibility!