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Improving the quality of life of the generations of Eurasia through the resources of active longevity

A regular meeting of the working group of the Council on Health, Quality of Life and the Environment was held at the EECO Headquarters regarding the implementation of projects aimed at improving health and improving the well-being of citizens through the achievement of a balance of their interests through the introduction of the latest information and communication technologies.

The "People's Sanatorium" initiative was considered at the project session. This project aimed at providing sanatorium and health services to a wide range of people and offering treatment, especially widespread and socially significant diseases at an acceptable "national price". The project unites sanatorium-and-spa institutions of various specializations. Within its framework, sanatoriums offer vouchers for treatment and prevention at a fixed and constant price during each quarter for the standard of accommodation, food and medical treatment established by the "People's Sanatorium." In the established integrated automated system for each quarter of the year, an acceptable price of stay in sanatoriums is established, taking into account the financial possibilities of various categories of employees. The corresponding categories of rooms have been developed: the national standard, the national standard plus, national comfort, national comfort plus.