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Acting brightly and choosing the unthinkable, you need to make possible incredible things

A single point of entry for various channels of reputational marketing using effective tools and real cases was the Digital Business Space in Pokrovka, where the first annual conference of leaders of ORM (Online Reputation Management) called "Hell" took place on August 31. Before the assembled entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, those who, on their personal experience, increased the incomes of companies by dozens of times.

The speech of the headliner of the event by the Chairman of the Presidium of the General Council of the EECO Igor Rybakov brightly and boldly joined the conference. As one of the creators and co-owners of the billionth company TechnoNIKOL, which seized the international leadership in the segment of roofing and insulation materials in Eurasia, he spoke in detail about the "five keys" (five factors) of successful self-actualization, when the entrepreneur first becomes a businessman.

A large-scale success is possible for everyone, but these "five keys" determine how it will be: large or small, personal or convenient for others, one-time or regular. A mechanic of success is much for those who are not afraid to discover their desire, who, overcoming their inner skepticism and surprising themselves and others, chooses the unthinkable, says Igor Rybakov.