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The Forbidden City is recognized as the Mecca of World Tourism

The Forbidden City is included in the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions. This decision was unanimously adopted by the International Committee for Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism Development, which includes 15 experts from around the world.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization Igor Rybakov said: “As an NGO, we promote the development of contacts and connections between Eurasian tourist organizations and colleagues on other continents. It is generally accepted that our world is becoming small, like our common home, every part of it is more and more accessible. This is indeed so. There are a lot of historical sights, which we all know from childhood. But I know that there is a whole Terra Incognita, an unknown land, studded with diamonds of tourist sites. We just want to give them to the world”.