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Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO) is an international non-governmental organization established by the initiative of the business communities of China, India, Greece, Germany, and Russia.

One of the main EECO missions is to develop international cooperation with the countries in the territory of Eurasia, as well as with other countries around the world. Thus, the EECO gives a new impetus to all participants, as well as unique opportunities for bringing the business to a new level.

The EECO International Organizing Committee started preparing the draft project of the Global Partnership Agreement ("Global Agreement on Economic Cooperation for Trade, Tourism and Sustainable Development").

Any and all interested invited parties will be able to join and sign this Agreement and get a Global Agreement Partner status.

Members of the organizing committee believe that the number of Global Agreement participants should be limited according to the size of each participant country.

After the signing of the Agreement, a Unified register of Global Agreement participants will be created, where goals, tasks and opportunities of each participant shall be indicated.

The register will collect the details of personalities and contacts of any and all Agreement participants, as well as their capabilities and specialization.

All Agreement participants will get a unique opportunity of making personal contacts with each other.

The functions of the secretariat and coordinator of the Global Partnership Agreement are supposed to be assigned to the EECO.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that this partnership will neither require any investment on the part of any of the participants, nor does it impose any legal obligations on the party to the Agreement.

The EECO shall also create a unified Internet platform for rapid acquaintance, communication, information transfer throughout the entire Global Agreement Network. On the website you will be able to propose and receive any offers for cooperation.

For example, each partner of the Global Agreement has the opportunity to send national industry delegations to any other country where a Global Agreement partner already exists. In turn, each partner in a particular country will have the opportunity to meet and serve their new partners’ delegations from different countries.

The study shows that many countries experience a large deficit of receiving, accompanying and servicing partners for both official and business community delegations.

Each delegation needs a set of various services - including translations, transfer, accommodation, organization of business and entertainment programs. At a later stage, curators of certain projects may be needed.

Given the specialization of each partner of the Global Agreement in different countries, we came to the conclusion that many of us can offer such services.

As we understand it, this work will be of a systemic nature and, as a result, will be more effective, given the properly coordinated process.

We have held a number of meetings with various ministries and departments in different countries. During the meetings, a tendency for the acute need for such services was identified.

After the signing of the Global Agreement, each signatory will become an official partner of the Global Network. This status will allow you to directly sign contracts with various departments and business communities in your country for the maintenance and support of foreign delegations.

Each foreign partner in turn will be able to send a delegation to you directly, skipping the intermediaries.

In each individual case, the interested partners will have the opportunity to sign bilateral agreements stipulating every condition and financial obligation for the project being implemented.

The partnership network will allow carrying out various activities on a regular basis, such as international conferences, business exchange, and exchange of both official delegations and delegations from business communities. Thus, our cooperation shall be much greater than even a new kind of tourism.

In consideration of the foregoing, we encourage you to become a partner of the Global Agreement. You can also express your wish to join the organizing committee of the Global Network for the preparation of the Global Agreement.